Company Profile

NGB Group is a family-owned group specializing in Manufacturing and Marketing of Conveying solutions and Drive System Units.

About the Company

NGB Group was established in 1962 with the purpose of technically serving the food industries by planning, designing and building conveyor machines.

Over the years, the Group began to manufacture conveying products such as chains and belts made of plastic, steel and stainless steel and Thermoplastic bearing housings. In order to expand its product portfolio for the customer, NGB Group also provides today complementary products such as Reduces and Motors and other conveying components and Drive Unit Systems. NGB Group’s good service is based on years of experience in its fields of operation, on advanced and meticulous production processes and on numerous collaborations with leading brands in the international market.
NGB Group is a leader in the manufacture of machinery for the food industry and during its years of activity the Group has taken part in the establishment of many food factories in Israel.

Always in Motion

NGB GROUP grew into a global modern enterprise with local production and R&D headquartered in Israel with about 80 employees on an area of 7000 square meters. NGB Group expanded its operations to market its products globally, establishing two Logistics Centers: In Poland (NGB EUROPE) and in North-America (NGB USA).
Over the years, NGB Group has expanded its field of activity beyond its productive and industrial operations and has also invested in Real Estate. As of January 2018, NGB Group acquired Elram Engineering and has become a leader in special Drive Unit Systems for Agriculture, Medical and general Industries.

Looking Forward

NGB Group is a pioneer in producing Plastic Modular Belts with SS rods for the belting industry in the early 1970’s (known as the “Laporta belt”).
NGB Group developed the first Thermoplastic bearing housings, which made a revolution in the bearing industry all over the world, and are marketed today by “ANB Bearings Ltd.” jointly owned by NGB and AMI Bearings USA (ASAHI SEIKO, JAPAN).
With over 55 years of knowledge and experience in developing and creating innovative, high-quality, long-lasting products, NGB has become a global leader in the Thermoplastic Bearing Units and Plastic Modular Belts Industries.

The flexibility of a family company, with the professionalism of an international company

Being a family company on one hand and an international leader on the other hand, allows NGB Group to provide consultancy and professional expertise alongside with flexible, accessible and immediate response to the customer’s requirements.

The company is certified ISO 9001:2015

Our values

  • Innovation – developing cutting-edge conveying solutions
  • Professionalism – Strong technical and engineering support based on real-life experience for over 55 years
  • Quality – Special focus in keeping the highest quality standards and regulations
  • Flexibility – Family Business with high flexibility and Problem-solving approach, with overall Support to its customers
  • A family company –Being a family business enables unified compliance under common values and a high commitment to the goals and satisfaction of its customers.
  • Global – Numerous collaborations with leading brands in the international market, mainly focused in Europe and North-America
  • Comprehensive – Produces Conveying Systems, Conveyors, Conveying Chains, Wire Belts, Plastic Modular Belts, Thermoplastic Bearing Units, Bearings, Reducers, Motors and Conveying components

Company’s Structure

NGB Technologies For industry and Conveying Ltd. – Parent Company. Owns Industrial Manufacturer and Real Estate Activities

NGB Elram Industries Ltd. – Specializes in the development, production and marketing of Plastic, Steel and Stainless Steel Conveying Systems and products, and special Drive Units systems for the Agriculture industry (such as Poultry houses and Greenhouses ), for the Medical industry and to the General worldwide Industry.

ANB Bearings Ltd. – A joint venture between NGB and AMI Bearings Inc. (USA) (owned by ASHAI SEIKO Co. (Japan)), specializes in manufacturing and marketing Mounted Ball Bearing Units for the leading bearing manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

NGB Europe – A subsidiary company of NGB Group located in Poland and serving as a Logistic Center for NGB’s conveying products in the European market.

NGB-USA – A distributor of NGB Group’s products, located in Newark, DE , serving as a Logistic Center for NGB’s conveying products in the North-American market.

NGB Assets Ltd. – A subsidiary company of NGB Group in the field of Real Estate investments that manages the company’s assets and upgrades industrial buildings.

NGB Hasharon Investments 2013 Ltd. – A subsidiary company of NGB Group for Real Estate projects and investments in the Tel Aviv area.

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