NGB has a wide and varied range of types and designs of plastic belts for various conveying applications such as: Automative, Bakery, Bottling & Canning, Dairy, Fruit & Vegtebles, Material and packaging, Meat and Poultry, Pasta & Fish. NGB began using this technology in the early 70’s to replace some of its metal belts and has a vast amount of experience in building this type of belting.

Belt Design

The modular belt is a combination of individual injected plastic modules connected by lateral rods. Its strong design is optimized for efficient conveying and is easy to maintain and clean.

They Plastic belts are widely used in many industries, where their specific product features provide numerous of benefits to customers. Wear-resistant materials secure a long lifetime in all applications.

Plastic modular belts eliminate the need for high-tension systems by positively engaging the sprocket with the running belt and maintaining proper belt tracking.