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Poultry House Drive Units

NGB Poultry

NGB Elram Industries is a leading firm in the field of Poultry Farming Equipment.

We supply a variety of drives, controls and other fittings for the poultry house structure.

By working closely with our partners that live and breathe poultry houses, we developed and tested our units to ensure high quality and reliability, using test equipment and tests set-ups to simulate the actual work conditions.

As a leading supplier, Elram has the flexibility in the production process to ensure her clients with Drive Units that are specially made according to client’s special need and requirements.

We offer complete units for the entire poultry house drive needs.Our products are advanced, reliable and cost effective.

NGB Elram Industries’ range of drives for poultry houses includes:

  • Operating electronic control panels
  • Feeding Line Winches
  • Water Line Winches.
  • Ventilation Drive Systems.
  • Electronic Emergency Dropping system (In case of Electric Failure)

Poultry Drive Units: