Industry Products

Industry products - NGBNGB Elram Industries’ is dedicated to the development and supply of drive unit systems to many sectors of the general Industry in addition to the agricultural industry.

Among the products NGB Elram Industries has designed and developed you can find “Concept Drive Units” especially designed for the Gymnasium industry, Drive Units designed for the Gates Industry and for the Truck industry.

As well,  NGB Elram Industries has successfully developed and designed numerous projects and products in Israel and all around the world, such as:

  • Drives for solar systems used around the world
  • Motor sets to healthcare systems
  • Remote Weapon system drives for Defense Company in Israel
  • Drives to world leaders in the field of printing equipment
  • Developing and Supplying Equipment for Stage, Theater and various Applications
  • Supply many drive systems products for agriculture uses.
  • Actuators AC / DC for various applications