Easily adjust and maintain a sustainable climate control inside the greenhouse with the N200 series Thermal Screen Actuator.

Thermal screen system contributes greatly to lowering the heat load by shading and preventing loss of energy in heated buildings.

The N200 TSA with double shaft configuration and 5/8” sprocket chain coupling on both ends of the shaft, can be deployed automatically by remote control or by operating the N200 manually.

  • 5/8” Chain sprockets coupling.
  • Built-in adjustable Limit Switches.
  • Power: 3-Phase, 0.25Kw, 220/380Vac, 50/60Hz, 1400 rpm.
  • Peak Torque: 200Nm.
  • Output speed: 2.8 rpm [@50Hz]
  • Emergency Manual Operation shaft extension.
  • GearMotor weight: 15 Kg.